Croydon Central 5-15 Kent Ave, Croydon VIC 3136.

About Us

Croydon Central Dental is unique as a group practice, we work as a cohesive team to review our patient cases together at regular meetings so we can leverage our individual skills. You may be allocated a certain dentist for certain procedures to best maximize the use of our comprehensive skill set.

Dr. Sarah Tan is a distinguished dentist with a heart for holistic dental care.

Graduating with excellence from Adelaide University, she carries a rich academic background into her practice, blending traditional values with a mastery of the latest dental technologies. Sarah is looking forward to be your compassionate oral healthcare partner who goes beyond the conventional, creating smiles that radiate health, beauty, and confidence.

Dr. Tan is a devoted advocate of general family dentistry, passionately dedicated to fostering the oral health of families in the community.

Her chairside manner is a testament to her gentle and caring nature, creating a soothing environment where patients feel valued and heard.

Beyond her proficiency in family dentistry. Dr. Tan has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. She understands the transformative power of a confident smile and strives to bring aesthetic brilliance to her patients, ensuring they leave not only with healthier teeth but enhanced self-assurance.


A uniquely qualified professional, holding dual qualifications as a radiographer and dental surgeon. He earned his radiology license from Monash University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the prestigious University of Melbourne.

With a keen focus on oral surgery, implants, and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Herman brings a wealth of expertise to his practice. His meticulous attention to detail is the cornerstone of his commitment to providing outstanding care and personalized treatments for each patient.

Driven by a passion for excellence, he ensures that every individual receives the highest standard of dental care, tailored to their specific needs. In the hands of Dr. Herman Chu, patients can trust in a skilled and compassionate professional dedicated to enhancing smiles and promoting overall oral health.

Dr Herman speaks Mandarin and Cantonese as a second language.

Dr Pri graduated with a Masters of Dentistry from La Trobe University, is a beacon of compassionate dental care. Her gentle nature shines through, making her exceptionally skilled in handling children and nervous patients, creating a soothing and comfortable in-chair experience. Dr. Priyanka's commitment to patient well-being extends to her excellent communication skills; she takes the time to explain treatment requirements and is an attentive listener.

Passionate about fostering long-term oral health, Dr. Priyanka brings extensive expertise to aesthetic dentistry, specializing in crowns and onlays, as well as paediatric dentistry. With a genuine desire to help each patient achieve their oral health goals, Dr. Priyanka embodies a holistic approach to dentistry, ensuring that every visit is not only effective but also tailored to the unique needs and comfort of each individual.


An experienced dentist with a Masters of Dentistry from La Trobe University, extends her expertise to two private clinics in Croydon and Endeavour Hills. Committed to delivering optimal outcomes, she prioritizes the comfort of each patient during in-chair experiences. Specializing in family dentistry, Dr. Isabelle excels in providing gentle care, particularly for anxious and young patients.

Notably, she is an accredited Invisalign provider, ensuring orthodontics is not only effective but also a comfortable and seamless journey. Dr. Isabelle's passion for Invisalign and general dentistry reflects her dedication to comprehensive oral care. With her warm and patient-focused approach,

Dr. Isabelle creates an environment where every visit is about achieving a healthy, beautiful smile while ensuring a positive and reassuring experience for all.


Dr Fang graduated from the University of Melbourne and practiced in public hospitals and family clinics in Warrnambool for 5 years with a focus on aged care. Prior to joining, Dr Fang was Principal Dentist for Teachers HealthFund in Victoria, looking after the oral health of Victorian teachers and their families. Dr Fang is an accredited Invisalign provider, member of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, the Australian Dental Association and a fellow of the International College of Continuing Dental Education in Orthodontics. Dr Fang has a special interest in digital dental technologies that help with maximizing long-term outcomes and believes in giving everyone a beautiful smile they can be proud of. He believes in leveraging the latest technology to better monitor long term changes in oral health. He now has a clinical focus on helping our patients with dental implants and oral rehabilitations with extensive crown and bridge work. In his spare time, when he is not at a conference discussing the latest developments in dental technology, he is either spending time which his young son, or taking his family for long walks and exploring rural Victoria. 

Amy Waite


Amy is our senior clinical coordinator and can be spotted supervising our team to ensure infection control is maintained and making sure all scheduling is confirmed.

Amy has worked in the dental industry  for over 11 years and is knowledgeable in all aspects of clinical coordination as well as being fully trained and licensed to aid our doctors in taking detailed records including 3d scanning, as well as x-rays. Amy is passionate about getting to know our patients and helping the doctors coordinate a more structured treatment plan that is personalized to your own goals.

Amy is a local to the area having grown up around the Ringwood area.

Outside of work, Amy enjoys having an active lifestyle spending a lot of times outdoors. In the winter months, Amy enjoys snowboarding and during summer Amy enjoys camping where you can find her wakeboarding and motorcycling with family and friends.

Bronwyn Benton

Bron is our senior nurse and has been in the healthcare and dental industry for over 30 years. She has worked on the clinical side as a oral therapist treating kids in New Zealand. After moving to Australia she has exclusively worked as a senior nurse across multiple clinics for Primary Health corporation as well as helping run Covid19 testing sites across Melbourne during the pandemic. 

Bron is an avid baker when not being a mum to her 3 kids and a professional belly dancer and animal lover.


Catherine Farry


Catherine is head of our front office team and she will normally be the first point of contact for all our lovely patients. Catherine has extensive experience working across multiple clinics doing oral surgery as well as paediatric dentistry and did her training in USA.

You will catch her with a bit of an American accent sometimes but is a local Croydon resident. Cat loves going for hikes and walks with her dog harvey and her partner josh around the area. 

Juliette Beyer

Juliette grew up in the beautiful suburb of Cockatoo and loves being out in nature and has her own family farm where she keeps sheep. She trained in aged care but has joined us in 2020 as she wanted to be involved in making beautiful smiles. Juliette loves a good chat and has a deep interest in people and loves getting to know our patients. 

Shining Po

Shining joined us in 2021 coming from the hospitality industry. She saw the need to train in healthcare as she had a passion for people and so completed her nursing certification at holmesglen. Shining comes from a large family of siblings and has always looked after her much younger siblings so is great with kids. She loves nursing as healthcare is a passion. In her spare time Shining enjoys reading and cooking.

We believe in working as a cohesive team of highly trained dentists and discussing our cases as a true group practice. This allows our patients to gain second, third and fourth opinions seamlessly to gain the best treatment outcome. We also believe in investing heavily in the best and latest technology and we are involved in researching and testing the latest technology as well as part of our commitment to the dental industry.


Our practice was designed and constructed in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic from March 2020 - August 2020 with our grand opening on 7/9/2020.

As such, we integrated significant changes to our original design to be as covid safe as possible.

We have a centrally placed exhaust and our infection control policy was newly designed to cover the risks of covid-19. Clinical staff are trained to wear full disposable gowns during all treatment procedures and we have the latest in sterilisation technologies from Sirona Germany.

We worked with Croydon Central to develop the best and most modern dental clinic we could by engaging the team from Create Dental

The team created a space that was clean but felt modern and easy to navigate within our limited space. We employed the use of glass rooms as a way to expand the feel of our space.


Clinic Fascade and Waiting Area

Clinic Fascade and waiting area


Waiting Area Access to Surgery

Waiting Area Access to Surgery


Clean and Open Waiting Area

Clean but open waiting area


Main Sterilisation Room and onsite Laboratory

Main Sterilisation Area


Main Surgery with One Way Windows and Natural Lighting

Main Surgery with One Way Windows for Natural Lighting


Digital Printing Lab Onsite

Digital Printing Lab onsite

German Sirona Sinius Chairs. We chose the German manufacturer Sirona(siemens) to be our equipment partner as they have the best record of infection control and comfort on the market. Sirona offers infection control technology that far exceeds what is required by Australian standards. We believe that it is our duty of care to invest in future technology, so we can help raise the standard of dentistry.
German Sirona Full Jaw Scan OPG + CT machine. We have invested in OPG and CT full jaw scan machines to save time and make dentistry cost efficient for our patients. This gives us the ability to plan and assess all oral surgery in house and on the spot including wisdom teeth and implant surgeries. We believe in using the best technology to form a more accurate diagnosis whenever possible to be a thorough as possible.
The most exciting development in Dentistry has been the push into digital dentistry. We invested heavily in the most advanced 3d intraoral scanner on the market. We can now diagnose 70% of invisible cavities inside the teeth without x-rays using this new technology. It also gives us the ability to record an exact replica of your mouth for 100% accurate monitoring of any changes.
Sirona Xios Scan intra oral x-rays. German made, next generation, fully digital x-ray systems for the lowest dose of radiation possible with the most accurate imaging for maximum accuracy and your safety.
Sirona CEREC PRIME same day crowns. German made, next generation, fully digital manufacturing system for the highest quality in house crowns and bridges at the fastest delivery times of 1-2 hours. This is the epitome of current dental technologies and gives us the ability to control your prosthetics from diagnosis, to design to manufacture and no waiting times for delivery and manufacturing overseas. We oversee all ceramic work to maintain the highest quality and aesthetics.