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Focusing on good habits and prevention ensures that your child always has the best long term outcome.

Dentistry has come a long way over the past few decades. A major paradigm shift has been made from aggressive, interventional dentistry towards minimum intervention and preventative dentistry. At Croydon Central Dental this is our core belief.

Our children are at the forefront of this. Developing good dietary and oral hygiene habits at an early age will ensure that dental treatment over the course of your child’s lifetime will be kept to a minimum, maximising health outcomes and minimising cost.

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) started on the 01.01.2014 to ensure that finances are never part of the equation for your child’s dental health.

At Croydon Central Dental, we bulk bill all eligible CDBS (for ages 2-17 years) claims. This means there will be no hidden gap payments. There is a cap of $1000 that can be claimed every 2 years but everything upto the limit we will bulk bill.

Please visit the Department of Health website for more information on the CDBS. Click here to view

Price Guide – Children Dentistry

Item Cost
011 - Consult 60
022 - X-Ray 35
Cleaning/Stain Removal 40 - 140
Fillings 120 - 300