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As part of our digital dentistry workflow, we construct and design our ceramics in house. 

The strongest and most biocompatible material that dentists use is zirconia oxide and lithium disilicate glass. Unfortunately, these need to be custom made to fit. These materials are the same used by Rolex to make their watch bezels and it takes skill and very specialized equipment to work with them.

At Croydon central dental, we have invested heavily in this bleeding edge technology and am proud to offer on-site manufacture of these materials used for crowns with a 2 hour turnaround time. 

Same day crowns, sometimes called CEREC crowns, are a convenient and efficient solution for patients who need a crown. Unlike traditional crowns which can take several weeks and multiple appointments to complete, Same day crowns can be designed, fabricated and placed in a single session. This method uses computer-aided design and milling technology to create a custom-fit, ultradurable, and natural-looking ceramic crown. The process starts with the dentist preparing the tooth by removing any decay or damage, and then taking digital impressions of the tooth using a special camera. These digital impressions are then used to design the crown on a computer.


Price Guide – Fixed Prothetics – Implants

Item Cost
Implant Root 2200 – 3000
Implant Crown 2400 – 2700
Total Implant(1 tooth) 4600 – 5700
Discounts on multiple units