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General Maintenance

The basis of reducing long term cost and avoiding dental work is having a regular 6-monthly cleaning, taking x-rays, completing gum and bone measurement, oral cancer exams and taking whole mouth digital records and photos. These are just a few of the routine procedures which are undertaken by us. The aim is to catch problems while they are small and easily rectified with minimal cost.

We take detailed digital records to track any changes and predict potential issues in the future so we can minimise any adverse outcomes in the future.

We recommend a thorough visual inspection and cleaning every 6 months.
Although good oral hygiene at home is very important, hard tartar (also known as dental calculus) cannot be removed without a professional clean.

Tartar can get trapped in the pocket between the gums and the teeth. Untreated tartar will cause gum inflammation (gingivitis) in the short term and will cause receding gum disease (periodontitis) in the long term. The calculus is removed with a professional sonic scaler and usually causes minimal discomfort. If your teeth are especially sensitive we can always provide you with options such as conscious sedation (Valium) or local anaesthetic.

Professional cleans will also get rid of those hard to remove tea, coffee and red wine stains!

Price Guide – General Maintenance

Item Cost
011 0- Checkup 60
022 – X-Ray 35 – 73
114 – Clean 165
Fillings 180 – 305