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If a problem is left long enough, sometimes a tooth is so badly damaged that extracting it is the only option. This is usually done under local anaesthetic and with good technique is usually a very tolerable experience.

However, If you are anxious we can discuss alternative options such as referring you to an oral surgery clinic where they can put you under general anaethetic in a hospital setting. Alternatively, we can provide oral sedatives or Nitrous Oxide(laughing gas). Let our dentists know if you are anxious and they will work with you to put strategies in place.

A tooth extraction can often be paired with an immediate partial denture if going without a tooth even in the short term is not an option. It’s most important to plan for a replacement tooth if possible if any teeth are removed. Teeth line up like books on a bookshelf and any missing teeth will cause tipping and movement and long term, this can cause major issues with gaps in teeth developing as well as increased wear and risk of fracture in remaining teeth due to them needing to do more work.

Common reasons for tooth extraction:

  • Severe dental decay
  • Severe gum disease
  • Tooth fractures
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Orthodontic reasons

Price Guide – Tooth Extractions

Item Cost
311 – Simple Extraction 180-250
314 – Complex Extraction 240 – 315
324 – Wisdom teeth Removal 285 – 460
Initial assessment + Consult 60