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Invisalign is a cutting edge alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign involves a series of nearly invisible plastic aligners that gradually move your teeth in to the desired position. Each aligner is usually in place for a 2 week period, after which you graduate to a new aligner. Little by little, the teeth will move!

Invisalign Treatment Requirements:

Aligners must be worn 22 hours each day. It’s recommended to take them out during meals only, otherwise, they are designed to be left in all the time.
Small tooth coloured attachments will be bonded on to your teeth temporarily in critical areas to stop the aligners from slipping or falling out.
You will need to see the dentist every 6-12 weeks for monitoring and aligner delivery. We are offering new computerised monitoring as well so you don’t always need to come in, this will only be available to easy to moderate cases.

The Process:

1. Case Assessment and Discussion(30min) to see if you are suitable and give a estimated guide on pricing. We will usually do a 3d Digital scan which will be used to simulate your outcome. This is complimentary.

2. If proceeding with treatment, we will proceed with a second invisalign consultation and take x-rays and photos.  Final treatment planning will be done after this by your dentist and we will prepare a final costing and time frame to expect. The fee is $200 for this second visit. If the case is straight forward we will proceed directly to stage 4.

3. For more complex treatments that have multiple treatment options, we run a third appointment to go through the different simulations and final plan. This is  a good chance to ask any final questions as well. Complimentary.

4. We start treatment. Delivery of first series of aligners and attachments if needed to be placed. (90 mins). Initial deposit will be required prior to this and the balance will be paid out over the course of treatment as a payment plan.

5. 6-8 weekly dental appointment for checking and delivery of next series until completion.

The cost of invisalign varies patient to patient but a very simple case could cost $3500(3-4 months) and usually the cost does not exceed $8500(2+ years treatment time). This is dependent primarily on the number of aligner sets needed and how long the treatment is planned to take.

Price Guide – Orthodontics – Invisalign

Item Cost
Initial 3d Scan/Consult(30min) Free
Taking Xrays/Records 250
Short Case Invisalign 4000 – 5500
Comprehensive Invisalign 7000 – 8500