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A partial denture can be a very aesthetic and usually the most cost efficient option for a lost tooth.

In essence it is a removable tooth that is clipped into place. There are 2 main type of partial dentures. Fully plastic and acrylic dentures are the cheapest and quickest to be made but due to the weakness of the plastic material, they need to be thicker for strength so can be quite bulky and are not as stable in general. A second option is the chrome casted denture which is much stronger, thinner and more comfortable as well as more stable to chew on.

Its advantages are its swift construction and relative affordability. We can usually get an acrylic denture custom made for you in a matter of days.

Its disadvantages include its slightly unnatural feel due to it not being fixed in place and less biting force when compared to implants & bridges.

Partial dentures can be made from a combination of metal and acrylic, or wholly acrylic. The colour and the shape of the replacement tooth is custom chosen to match your other teeth.

The cost of the acrylic denture is typically $800 – $1200, while chrome dentures cost $1600 – $1800.

Price Guide – Removable Prosthetics – Dentures

Item Cost
Partial Acrylic Denture 900 – 1200
Partial Chrome Denture 1500 – 1850
Relining Existing Denture 350 – 450
Repair of denture 250 – 450